Blood & Betrayal Vampire: The Masquerade Larp

The Winding Path Initiative is delighted to be presenting Parlor LARP games at HLGCon, October 12th-14th, at the Showboat Atlantic City. Admission to the B&B event is included in the cost of regular admission to the convention.

Blood & Betrayal Vampire: The Masquerade Friday & Saturday Night

We are thrilled to be showcasing Vampire: The Masquerade as part of By Night Studios’ Blood & Betrayal Chronicle. We will be running Masquerade Friday and Saturday night, in the Foundation Room, as a combined venue — you’re welcome to play Camarilla, Sabbat, Anarch, or Independent Alliance characters, who have all been invited together for what should be an extremely eventful weekend. The Foundation Room is a beautiful space with a maze of alcoves and small rooms to sneak off to — but with all the enemies around you, be careful who you wander with. Our Friday night Masquerade game will be Camarilla focused, with primary storytelling from Sarah Farley and DJ Hicks. They can be contacted at Our Saturday night Masquerade game will be Sabbat focused, with primary storytelling from Joe Perry and Jacob Shpiece. They can be contacted at You do not need to be a current WPI or B&B player to play; we’re excited to share our world with you. Whether you’re planning to bring in a new character, or looking to convert an existing one for the Blood & Betrayal Chronicle, we’ll have staff on hand to help you get into and involved in our games.

Parlor LARP Playtests at HLGCon

One of the main goals of the Winding Path Initiative is to promote the Parlor LARP community, and support our growing hobby. We’re excited to share our new upcoming Parlor LARPs with you at HLGCon. WPI will be running demo LARPs of our upcoming Parlor LARPs on Friday and Saturday Afternoon. If you’re interested in learning more, keep an eye out on our website and Facebook page, or sign up for our announcement mailing list.