Event and Game Schedule

HLG Con will occur over the days of October 12, 13, 14th 2018

The final schedule will be posted here no later than August 1st 2018


Quinn Moerike (VP Quinn from HLG) – Dread

David Horwitz – Call of Cthulhu Modern

6 Players, Ages 18+. They say there’s power in music; that even the simplest tune can lift spirits or cause distress. Such power needs only the air to pass invisibly by, so what can be done to stop those that ride the rhythms, threatening our very souls? Six friends will walk the amber waves and search for an answer.

Night Falls: the Vampire vs. Hunters Megagame (by TheGameTheatre.com)

More details soon

Jay Dragon – Queer Messes

This game is oriented for a small group of people (8 or fewer) to be played over the course of 3 hours. Additional time can be spent building characters and debriefing. The game is designed to be private and personal.

Jay Dragon- Promethean: The Unborn

Promethean: The Unborn is a powered by the apocalypse version of the White Wolf Promethean game, which re-imagines the game as being about a queer and trans-specific struggle for recognition and identity in a world that views you as a monster. The game is designed for 4-5 players, and is a tabletop game.

JC Stearns – Rook’s Hold Must Burn!

Setting: Weird West
System: Deadlands (Classic)
Summary: Colonel Stewart Kingson, recently retired from the CSA, has a record a mile long. His brutalities on the field of battle are legendary, and the dark rumors that have circulated about his plantation of Rook’s Hold, deep in Louisiana, could chill the blood of even the most hardened cowpokes. Agents sent to investigate the Colonel have sent emergency telegrams before falling mysteriously silent. With this new evidence, the Agency and the Texas Rangers put aside their enmity to invoke the Twilight Protocol. Activating a group of heroes they’ve both given patronage to in the past, the two organizations lay down a single clear mission: infiltrate Rook’s Hold, discern the truth about Col. Kingson, and if he truly is a servant of the Reckoners, put him in the ground!
Players: 4-7

JC Stearns – Foxsong

Setting: World of Darkness
System: Werewolf: the Apocalypse (W20)
Summary: From the moment of your Rite of Passage, your pack had a destiny, chosen by the spirit of Fox to carry out great deeds in his name. Your journeys have taken you to the far corners of the Earth. You’ve recovered artifacts, like the mighty Foxstone fetish. You’ve discovered the forgotten Caern of Sweet Wind and worked hard to cleanse it. You’ve charted the various threats and dangers, and after decades of work, are finally ready for the final step in Fox’s plan: dedicating the Caern of Sweet Wind in his name. With only a limited amount of time, you and the other members of your pack must marshal your resources, assess which threats are most likely to disrupt the rite, and assign your forces as best you can manage. When the auspicious night arrives, you and your pack must lead the defense, protecting the prospective caern with all the mightiest relics and powers that elders such as yourselves can bring to bear!
Players: 4-7

JC Stearns – Crimson Masquerade

Setting: Cthulu Mythos
System: Deadlands (Classic)
Summary: You can’t quite remember what’s going on. Sometimes you’re sure you were a mighty hero. People made shows, movies, and action figures about you…didn’t they? Other times, you think you were just a normal person. A police officer, a nurse, a firefighter…albeit one who loved to go to conventions and dress up as your favorite characters. Right now…this past evening…you can’t remember which is the real you. What you do know is that there seems to be a whole lot of innocent people running in mortal terror from some pretty horrifying monsters, and no matter which version of you is the real one, you can’t fathom a world in which you wouldn’t try to help in any way you can.
Players: 4-7


Joie Martin – Your Arms Out of Water – An American Freeform Larp

Your Arms Out of Water is an intimate American freeform larp for 3-7 players by Drowning Moon Studios. A supernatural family drama incorporating the selkie myth of the Northern Isles, it occurs during a specific point in the lives of the Lewis clan as a 20-year geas comes due.

Marshall Bradshaw -Swords without Master

“Gather writing implements, scraps of paper, three or four of your cohorts, and two six-sided dice that you can easily tell apart to a table. A mahogany table adorned with thick, greasy candles and five human skulls. Failing that, a stout oaken table near a glowing hearth, replete with ale-filled steins and a succulent roast. Or, if you prefer, a tabletop chipped whole from a single obsidian stone, placed on the back of a coiled serpent of silver in a room high in a lonely tower shrouded in a prismatic fog.”

A rules-light game of strange sorceries, brutal violence, and astounding wonder by Epidiah Ravachol, the designer of Dread.

Jay Dragon – Silence Blooming: Isolation

Silence Blooming is a LARP first run at the Wayfinder Experience (a LARP summer camp in the Hudson Valley). The game is about a post-apocalyptic world where a wave of silence-propagating algae is slowly covering the world, bringing with it waves of monsters and strange parasites. It’s a game about ecosystem and isolation, about being trapped in an unfamiliar space with strange creatures that seem to ignore you, and being unable to vocalize to others what is going on. In the game, players will attempt to find a way to survive in an apocalypse where no one can trust each other, and where nothing makes sense.
It plays for about 20 to 30 people.