Sinking Ship Creations – Pandaemonium Larp

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Founded by experienced game designer Jason Knox and veteran Larp producer Ryan Hart, the New York based Sinking Ship Creations seeks to continue humanity’s legacy of using storytelling as a medium to share truth through narrative, particularly a highly immersive and interactive one. As a Larp studio with over a decade of experience, Sinking Ship produces both Larps that present a continuing narrative and one-shot events designed to be completed in a single session of play. However, they proudly state that their specialty lies in “closed-door parlor Larps.” Parlor Larp, according to was first coined by Shifting Forest (now succeeded by Vermillion Games) in 2005 to refer to a Larp that is simple to set up yet relatively complex or deep in meaning, such as a murder mystery.

The guys at Sinking Ship are so dedicated to furthering the cause of interactive narrative, that not only do they offer help and support to other Larp creators in the New York area, they also produce custom content for those who would like their own interactive Larp experience but may not have the know-how or logistics to set it up themselves.


For their own offerings, Sinking Ship presents College of Saints, a 25-person, four-hour Larp in the Tudorpunk genre, “combining the Shakespearean themes and motifs of Elizabethan England with the aesthetics and attitudes of steampunk.” Players take on the role of an inventor, alchemist or innovator from the Isle of Eurley, an island kingdom renowned for their religion and mechanical aptitudes, as they navigate a web of treachery, religion, and political upheaval. College of Saints boats the most in-depth and developed setting Sinking Ship has ever produced. For those who prefer their punk with a little less steam and a tad more cyber, Project Ascension offers an imaginatively ambitious endeavor complete with a 62-page design document to help immerse you in the embrace of its dystopian nightmare. Players take on the roles of Chasers, once powerful people who saw something so heinous, so sensitive, that the powers that be revoked their identities completely. Of course, sometimes a good story needs no technology more advanced than a sturdy sword, and for those times Sinking Ship still offers their original setting: Lloegyr. Based on Anglo-Saxon literature and a theme of personal tragedy, Lloegyr has delighted Sinking Ship’s patrons since 2006 when the ongoing campaign began. For those who want something more grounded in reality and with a lot heavier subject matter, there remains Escape from Marseilles, a two hour small scale LARP designed for ten people about smuggling enemies of the Third Reich out of Nazi-occupied France.

Sinking Ship Creations is no stranger to dark themes and bleak settings, an expertise that will be used to full force as their talented team helps sculpt a piece of Pandaemonium this October.


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