Panels and Workshops

Interactive Writing Workshop: by Jason Andrew

Do you yearn to write? Are you having trouble completing a story? Do you feel that you lack inspiration or motivation? Do you just stare at the blank page? Are you confused about where to find open-submission projects looking for writers? Come to the Interactive Writing Workshop! Participants will complete a number of short writing exercises designed to stimulate the creative process. The purpose of the workshop is to teach participants the basics of the writing for publication: researching a market, brainstorming for the project, writing a story, and then submitting it. Participants will be working towards actual open-submission markets.

Requirements: All participants should bring whatever writing instruments they feel most comfortable using; bring either a laptop or pen and paper.  Everyone must participate.

Running a Kickstarter: by Craig Campbell

 Do you have a great idea for a game? Or a cool idea for anything creative that you think other people might like? Do you lack the funds necessary to complete your dream project? Indie RPG designer Craig Campbell will take you through the process of researching, preparing, running, and fulfilling a Kickstarter project. He’ll cover building your idea, finding your crowd, what you need on the Kickstarter page, what you can expect during the Kickstarter itself, and a host of other important topics. Craig’s experience is primarily in tabletop game Kickstarters, but much of the advice he has is applicable to other creative endeavors.

Format: Bring your ideas and questions. Craig will walk through the process but welcomes questions. If he doesn’t have an answer for you, he can probably point you in the direction of where you can find that answer.