Peculiar Crossroads – Pandaemonium Larp

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In a rather unique twist among Larp companies, Peculiar Crossroads Productions LLC. prides themselves on delivering their live-action storytelling events with a decidedly gothic flair. Run by Mark Hill, Rob Paul, Kathy Amende, Scott Brown, Corey Lowenburg, and Jaimie Spencer, their team of writers, game designers and storytellers have been running games together as a group for over a decade. In the beginning, all they wanted was to organize a birthday Larp for a friend eventually blossomed into a desire to bring their talents to a wider audience who share the same passions they do.

Peculiar Crossroads Productions’ primary offering is The Armistice Arcane, a weekend-long blockbuster Larp (with all food and lodging included) at one of the most haunted hotels in New Orleans. The maxim of Peculiar Crossroads is that every character should be one the members of the team themselves would be excited to play, and as such promise that gamers who attend Armistice Arcane will have a wealth of lovingly crafted characters with deep, personal backstories, connections, and objectives. Each character hails from one of eight factions who has been invited to attend a diplomatic summit to discuss how best to close ranks against outside threats.


The Esoteric Institute of Louisiana attempts to understand supernatural creatures through the lens of science. They do their best to remain as a neutral party in the proceedings, committed only to the pursuit of knowledge. The Theosophical Society of New England draws the upper class social and political bigwigs like a magnet. They seek to expand their sphere of influence beyond New England with all due haste, and the wealth and prestige they dangle like bait at the end of a hook has worked wonders to swell their ranks. Much like the Esoteric Institute, the members of The White Horse Adventurer’s Club are driven by a thirst for knowledge about the malevolent supernatural creatures that walk among them, but for far less scholarly pursuits. They seek ways to combat the horrors that stalk them, and rumors abound that a portion of their leadership may be far more interested in the latter than the former. The members of the nomadic Uncle Theo’s Cirque du Freak act as scouts and couriers riding the railways of America. Their aptitudes for investigation and experience usually being among the first to encounter new threats makes them invaluable allies. After a confrontation with their own deity, the druids of the Order of Cernunnos find themselves divided between rural traditionalists and urban futurists. Facing an uncertain future, they have become secretive and isolationist. The Beacon Hill Players are the artists and entertainers of the eight factions. Like the Theosophical Society, they too have begun a mass recruitment drive to expand their influence, putting the two groups at odds. The Sentinels act as the police force for the mages of the factions and the supernatural creatures that plague them. The eclipsed function as mediators and advocates for those harmed by supernatural forces. The Atlantean Accord is the monolithic organization that lords over the mages of Europe, and the Delphians are oracles manipulating society while remaining hidden.

Peculiar Crossroads brings this extensive worldbuilding, experience developing disparate factions, and expertise with dark themes and tones to the Halloween-themed Pandaemonium LARP at HLGCon.

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