Free RPG Day Promotion

High Level Games has been producing RPG content for a little over a year now and we wanted to offer a specific deal for those of you that have been waiting to get your tickets to HLG Con.

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For all of 6/16 and 6/17 if you purchase any ticket for HLG Con you’ll receive all of our RPG products for free. That’s over a $25 dollar value, plus of course you’ll be able to attend HLG Con! Tickets to HLG Con are transferable, so if you purchase a ticket and decide that you can’t make it, share your love with a friend or associate.

What will you get in this great deal? Here are a few examples.

For 4-6 players, levels 1-3. 

Excuse me, my cat is lost. Can you help me? She’s a ginger cat, and this isn’t the first time she’s gone missing. If it was just a day or two, I wouldn’t be worried. I’ll pay you (an extreme amount) to help me find her.

This is an adventure set in a urban setting that starts with a plea for help, includes a short investigation, and culminates with an encounter with a myusterous cult with an extradimensional connection.

This product is the first of a series of One-Pagers, single page adventures that are perfect for a player or GM without a lot of time or running short on ideas.

It can be dropped into any setting and is written so that it can be run as a starter quest, part of a longer adventure, a side quest if you are out of ideas, or even as a one-shot adventure!

Not only that, but we have chosen to include the lionoid race you see pictured on the front cover, the Chatoulim, as bonus material to add to your campaign or even provide as an option for your players who want something a little out of the box.

Inside this tome you’ll discover five chronicle jumpstarts for Vampire: The Masquerade. You can use any, or all, of these jumpstarts as plothooks, storyguides, or adventure modules for your troupe. These jumpstarts are all set in and around New England but they are easily transferable to any location without much difficulty. You can also use these together to create a longer chronicle.

Bonus Material not present in the individual jumpstarts is also included!

In the kingdom of Kumari, death stalks in the daylight.

When pressed about the kingdom, passersby will only say that the nocturnal ways of Kumari aren’t the only things that are backward. Silent figures perform all manner of manual labors- figures that are recognizable as mummified humans, referred to as the Fallen. Living humans emerge when the heat breaks at dusk and go about their lives. The party will hear living guards discussing their Queen’s frustration with the city-state across the bay. Conversation with a guard will lead to news that the Queen is looking for outsiders to do what Kumari’s people cannot.

In this One Page Adventure suitable for use as part of a larger campaign or as a standalone product, your adventurers will be asked to take on a task by a powerful necromancer queen with grisly intentions.

Suitable for a standard party of levels 2-6.