Vendors @ HLG Con

Below is a list of confirmed vendors for our event. Sign up to vend with us today!

New Agenda Publishing

New Agenda Publishing is a consortium dedicated to promoting diversity in the RPG community through their hiring and choices.

Felbis Productions

Felbis Productions is the newest hybrid LARP company to start in the Midwest of the USA. Felbis is a combination of Nordic LARP, theatre and gaming events in the Midwest with exciting locations and immersive stories.

Old Crone Studio

Old Crone Studio (OCS) is comprised of three creators: Barbara Perez Marquez ( is a writer, editor, and curator. Taylor Carney ( is an artist, owner of Hecate’s Boudoir on Etsy. Bri McNamara is a visual artist (, their work was recently featured in a Learn Larp LLC event. OCS’s first creation, GODSLAYER, is an American freeform larp currently under development.

Meloria Maille

Artisan, hand crafted chainmaille jewelry and accessories