About HLG Con

Zero Tolerance of Harassment at HLG Con

HLG Con is run by High Level Games, a tabletop pen and paper role-playing game company with an international reach. We are a podcast, blog, and fan community that engages with various tabletop role-playing games and LARP and in an always fun and sometimes intellectual way.

We have a vision of bringing fans together to collaborate and pool their observations and thoughts in order to make our hobby grow, and make that hobby better. To actually bring everyone’s games to the next level!

HLG CON is the next stage in that goal!

HLG Con Staff:

Chief Operations Officer: Josh Heath

Chief Events Organizer: Angela Daurio

High Level Games Staff
Managing Partner, High Level Games Podcast Host, The Inept Gamer Co-Host, Leveling Up Podcast Co-Host, Podcast Producer, Editor-in-Chief, and Vice-President Creative Operations, Quinn

Partner, High Level Games Podcast Co-Host, Sound Editor, Podcast and Video Producer, The Inept Gamer Host, and Assistant to the Assistant to the Regional Manager, Joel

Chief Financial Officer, Tamara (T$)

Chief Operations Officer (COO) and Leveling Up Podcast Co-Host, Josh

Blog Manager, David

Chief Event Organizer, Angela

Editorial Team, David, Josh, Sean, Georgia, and Quinn

Columnists, Vanessa, Jacob, Josh, Sean, David, Angela, Anthony, Andrew, Bryan, Philip, Peter, Neal, Jessica, Jarod, Matthew, James, Justin, Aaron, Jessica, and Georgia

High Level Games Special Report Host and Columnist, Rui

High Level Games Presents: Star Trek Adventures (Twitch and Actual Play Podcast), Micheal, Derek, Vanessa, Tim, and Jake (Matthew, Rui, and Jim writing, Aaron producing, Quinn GMing)
NOW COMPLETE: Aether Sea Actual Play Podcast,  Landrew (GM), Quinn, Joel, Anthony, and Ryan (Quinn and Joel Producing)

NOW COMPLETE: Star Wars: Black Squadron Actual Play Podcast, Tim (GM), Quinn, Vanessa, Jake, and Sean (David Producing)